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Is Clothes Sharing the Next Big Thing?

Is Clothes Sharing the Next Big Thing?

Just like millions of other millennials, with the avocado toasts emptying my bank accounts, I am fully embracing showering in and sleeping in strangers' house through AirBnB for every vacation and roaming in Car2gos like a boss. Looking at the closet that is always missing a dress, I wonder, is clothes sharing the next big thing? 

The sharing economy is about utilizing unused resources, be it car space (Car2go), housing space (AirBnB), or workspace (WeWork). Clothes logically fall in the underutilized category, given that 79% of clothes in a Canadian household did not see the light in the last 12 months.  

We are a generation of a resource-efficient bunch, not to mention our strong desire to do good for the planet. While some might frown at the idea of clothes sharing, the rise of consignment sites such as ThredUp, and clothing rental companies such as Rent The Runway shows that the fashion industry is moving towards a more efficient and sustainable direction. The second-hand apparel industry is projected to reach 5 Billion USD in 2023, with the re-sale industry leading the way. 

With very little shame and a lot of excitement, Elli Share decided to jump on the clothing sharing train. After all, we can share fashion, save money, and care for the planet by extending the life cycle of the clothes ;)

Join us in the revolution and shop second hand!

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