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Make Fashion Circular!

Make Fashion Circular!

Gone are the days that we only need couple of leaves to cover ourselves. Although those were simpler days and I do enjoy the occasional skinny-dips


I generally appreciate the comfort and protection that my clothes provide me nowadays. In addition, fashion is a brilliant way of self-expression. I love that fashion has become a creative outlet, rather just something to keep us warm. 

However, when self-expression is taken advantage by fast fashion and employment becomes exploitation, the true cost of fashion becomes a lot heavier than that $9.99 shirt

Human rights: Globally, the USD 1.3 trillion clothing industry employs more than 300 million people along the value chain. However, low wages, poor working conditions, and sometimes inhumane treatments of the workers have been one of the biggest issues in the industry. 

Environmental concerns:

Fibers: Most synthetic fibers we use nowadays are made from fossil fuels, whose environmental impact does not need too much explanation.

Production: Clothing production is extremely resource-intensive and wasteful.

Underutilization: Most garments are thrown out way before they have reached their useful lives, with 73% of the products end up in landfill or incinerated. Globally, customers miss out on USD 460 billion of value each year by throwing away clothes that they could continue to wear.


The solution to this problem is multi-faceted, Elli Share aims to start from increasing clothing utilization and keep the clothes in the economy for as long as possible. Just like the old saying goes: Forever might be too long, but I'll love you for as long as possible. (It is probably a made-up saying by the author but a good one, isn't it?)


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