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About Us

Clothes that no longer spark joy in one closet could be treasures in another!

Over 10 million tonnes of clothing are dumped into landfill in North America each year. Metro Vancouver alone saw 20,000 tonnes of clothing waste last year, including many still in great condition. More and more consumers wish to shop sustainably, but the options for second-hand clothes are limited in Canada.

An Elli Share founder felt frustrated when buying a used pair of boots on one of the online platforms: scheduling with the seller took many days; and the product condition was uncertain. On the flip side, many people hold onto the clothes that they no longer wear, because they are too busy to sell these items. In the end, we are left with closets full of untapped resources.

Our Solution

Realizing that we can help address both sides of the problems, Elli Share was born. Elli Share believes that there is an easier way to buy and sell pre-loved clothes online. We wish to be the bridge between consignors and buyers and create a seamless shopping experience for our customers. Second-hand shopping can be first class too. 😉 Let’s circulate our closets and extend the lives of our garments.

Who are we?

We are Chi Le (left) and J Li(right), two entrepreneurial women who wish to change the world through innovative business solutions. Our shared passion in circular economy brought us together during business school and eventually led to the creation of Elli Share. We want to encourage more people to express their brilliant selves with conscious fashion through sharing our closets.

Our Promise

We take excellent care of the clothes, so that you don’t have to worry about the cleanness and conditions of your purchases.

* If you wish to learn more about Elli Share, please feel free to contact us or check out the FAQ page .

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