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The Closet that Never Has Enough Hangers

The Closet that Never Has Enough Hangers

There seem to be never enough clothes hangers in the house!

You tried creatively putting the coats, the pants, and all the spaghetti dresses on the same hanger to save some space, but you ended up ordering another pack of Amazon Basic Clothes hangers... Perhaps the problem isn't the shortage of hangers, but an excess of clothes?

What! Really? Numbers vary, but the most conservative estimation is that 40% of clothes in our closet are never worn. A study with 18,000 heads of households in 20 countries revealed that 79% of the clothes in a Canadian household never saw the light in the past 12 months, slightly below the number for US households (82%). We have gotten into the habit of mindless consumption for the temporary pleasure, yes, temporary, because most of the clothes in our closets just do not spark joy anymore, after a couple of wears. ;(

You decide to "Marie Kondo" it one weekend and get the whole family involved in decluttering. A couple hours and some tears of nostalgia later, you realize how hard it is to simply "throw out" everything. 

Donating clothes with a long history that can be told through the pilings is NOT an easy decision, but what about that beautiful dress you wore only a couple of times but has been sitting there untouched for years? It is in perfect condition and certainly could make someone super happy, if it gets to the right person. Selling on Facebook? Photograph it, post it, message couple buyers, negotiate it and finally agreeing to meet at a place where both of you feel comfortable and safe? No biggie... BUT... ain't nobody got time for that!

You are certainly tired of seeing that piece just sitting there, not to mention all the times that you packed and unpacked it when you moved places...Elli Share is here to help. We will pick up your preloved clothes and share them with someone who would re-treasure it!

Photo credit: The Event Group

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