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3 Piles of Love, Hate, and Friend Zone - A Modern Love Story Between Human and Our Clothes

3 Piles of Love, Hate, and Friend Zone - A Modern Love Story Between Human and Our Clothes

I am talking about clothes of course! We all know that we can't wear all the clothes at once, unless you are Joey. Even if we spread the clothes out, chances are we still own too many pieces, yet always missing some. 

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is gaining more and more attention with the rise of minimalism and more and more Netflixers start to follow Marie Kondo. It finally articulated the problem that I had as well as providing a solution I needed but too lazy to act on. Who should try a capsule wardrobe? Ask yourself the following 5 questions, if you answer yes to any one of them, capsule wardrobe might worth a try.

      1. Has your body size/shape/silhouette change recently?
      2. Do you own many clothes but still feel like nothing to wear?
      3. Do you want to find/change your style and looking for a method?
      4. Are you an impulsive shopper who wants to curb the habit?
      5. Do you want to focus more on quality rather than quantity?

Alright alright alright I am not gonna admit #1, but the rest totally checked out. How do we do this then? How many do I need in my closet? My friend Justine here has some great tips, which I won't repeat too much. What I got out of it is...that the process is really a way to analyze and organize your relationship with the clothes you own. There are the ones you love, the ones you hate (once loved, but it got complicated is the better way to say), and the ones you friend zone simply because it is not the right time a.k.a the right season. Once you figure the love triangle out, the rest is easy. Justine has a lot of good tips and detailed guides on how to build a capsule wardrobe, check it out and a bunch of other fashion videos!

Disclaimer: We 100% admit that putting this blog up is to encourage more people to sell clothes to us. BUT...but...but, aren't we all due for a wardrobe revolution? and along the way help us to share your once-loved clothes to more people?

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