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Secondhand fashion is the new celebrities’ favorites

Secondhand fashion is the new celebrities’ favorites

Celebrities are normal people, too! How do we know? Because they love thrift shopping for a good bargain AND a good cause, just like all (OK, most) of us! Secondhand fashion has been the talk among many stars in the past couple years. They also walk the talk by wearing secondhand clothes on film sets, hanging around the town, and actually walking on the red carpets with the treasures they found in local thrift stores.

Here are some of the fabulous secondhand looks we’ve seen on our beloved starlets.  

Anne Hatheaway appeared on Good Morning America in this beautiful dress that she got from a flea market for only 15$.
Who would have guessed "Sex and the City's" star Sarah Jessica Parker's entire wardrobe in her new HBO show "Divorce" are from flea markets. 
Can you believe this beautiful mosaic vintage dress cost Drew Barry Moore only $25. 
Kendall Jenner is known to be the queen of vintage fashion on the streets of New York City. This designer's vintage top accentuates her beautiful body and cook personality.

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